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Remove Comma from List in Python

To remove commas from a list in Python, use the str.replace() method.

str.replace() in Python replaces the specified phrase in the string with the new phrase. Use the replace() method to remove all instances of a comma from a list in Python. For example, replacing all instances of character ‘,’ with ”

In this example, we will discuss how to use the str.replace() in Python to remove commas from a list of strings.

Use str.replace() to remove comma from a string

To remove a comma from a string in Python:

  1. Call the str.replace() on the list of strings and pass a comma to search for a replacement and a new character for a replacement.
  2. The replace() returns a copy of the string in which all occurrences of commas are replaced by a new character ”.
list_of_strings = ["Hi,there!","remove,commas,from,a list"]

updated_list = [str.replace(",","") for str in list_of_strings]

In the above Python program, we pass the following parameters to replace():

  1. list_of_strings variable stores the list of strings that contains commas in it.
  2. Use the str.replace() with [str for str in list] to remove commas from the list.
  3. character ‘,’ to search for in the list of strings.
  4. replacement character ”. It will replace all occurrences of commas ‘,’ with ”

It will return the copy of the list of strings and store it in the updated_list variable and print using print() Python.

The output of the above program after removing commas from a list of strings is:

['Hi,there!', 'remove,commas,from,a list']

['Hithere!', 'removecommasfroma list']

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I hope the above article on how to remove commas from the list in Python using str.replace() is helpful to you.

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